4 Ways Outdoor Signage Will Improve Your Business

Better Outdoor Signage Means More SalesAn outdoor signage study published by The Signage Foundation, Inc. reveals some important data that supports the argument for taking your outdoor signage to the next level. Download the full report here!

We’ve grabbed 4 concepts from the study that demonstrate how improved signage can help your business grow and prosper in this tough economy.

“Signs have been proven to drive sales results. Adding signs or improving design further enhance sales.”
“Codes that overly restrict signs can negatively affect businesses and frustrate the customers attempting to locate them.”
“Each type of sign studied was shown to increase the average transaction size.”
“Experience, common sense, and our expertise in marketing and economics lead us to firmly believe that on-premise signage has an absolute and critical impact on sales revenue.”

Improving your signage doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a variety of simple and inexpensive ways you can improve your outdoor signage. For starters, have a look at our window graphics and wallscape product pages. You’ll begin to get some ideas of what is possible without spending a fortune on large constructed monument or wall signs.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

Now take the next step toward learning the latest trends on outdoor signage. Download a copy of our FREE report, Five Astonishing Statistics on Outdoor Signage here. We’re revealing all the best tips and tricks about outdoor signage to our subscribers, including;

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  • How window graphics can ignite your storefront brand message.
  • And more.

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