Big Wallscapes Tell Big Stories

Giant building wraps and wallscapes create unusual and fantastic visuals. They are used all over the world for all sorts of promotions. What makes these enormous wallscape projects successful is the element of surprise that they can provide.

We dipped into our project archives and found a couple of cool wallscapes that demonstrate just how fantastic these oversized giants can be.

Wallscapes: Life Comes at You Fast

Wallscapes: Nationwide Insurance - Life Comes At You Fast

Wallscapes: Nationwide Insurance – Life Comes At You Fast

May 2009: Imagine a giant can of paint overturned onto a parking lot. The creative team at TM Advertising did just that for Nationwide Insurance.

This super-sized promotion featured three, eighty foot wallscapes with a photo of a paint can spilling out toward the viewer. The installers used a special removable ink to continue the spill effect that ultimately covered the parking lot below. The spill covered a few parked cars as well as the ticket booth. Watch the time-lapse installation.

The TM creative team said the campaign included both traditional and non-traditional media, including this larger-than-life paint spill, located in Nationwide’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

It was the perfect blend of outdoor, viral and guerrilla marketing. It stopped traffic — literally — and generated unprecedented attention and awards.

Wallscapes: Miracles at Play

Wallscapes: Nationwide Insurance - Miracles at Play

Wallscapes: Nationwide Insurance – Miracles at Play

February 2011: This twelve story building wrap project was installed on the same building face in Columbus Ohio. The wallscapes kicked off a collaborative fundraising program for Nationwide Children’s Hospital called “Miracles at Play.”

The three giant wallscapes, which were designed by Enguage and installed by Orange Barrel Media, appear on the side of the building like an over-sized children’s playground complete with monkey bars, a seesaw and an over-sized slide.

The wallscapes with all their associated construction weigh in at 15,000 pounds and include more than 12,000 square feet of printed vinyl material. The seesaw alone weighs approximately 5,000 pounds. Watch the time-lapse video of the actual installation process.

What do you think? Be sure to visit our wallscapes page, here, if you’re thinking of installing one of these monster signs. We can guide you through the process.

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