Branding Expert Reveals the Power Behind Window Signage

Window Signage Expert OpinionIn recent years we’ve witnessed a steady increase of brick and mortar business owners using window graphics to improve the impact of their outdoor signage.

In today’s market, it’s just not enough to rely on a company logo mounted over the front door. The street level competition “to be seen” is ever-increasing and smart marketers are turning to window graphics and window signage to beef up their street-facing messaging.

Commerce Color has produced and installed an extensive program of window graphics for the Total Access Urgent Care storefronts under the guidance of the branding pros at Werremeyer, an award winning creative communications agency.

Gretchen Land, owner and creative director of Werremeyer, gave us the low down on how Total Access is using window graphics to effectively communicate their value proposition into the local communities they serve.


Mesh window graphics offer strategic visual messaging to walking and drive by customers

“Total Access’ mission is to provide premium quality healthcare and medical services to local communities as an alternative to visiting hospital emergency rooms or doctor’s offices,” according to Gretchen. “The Total Access window graphics are designed to communicate essential brand information to walking and driving traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The window graphics use terms like Convenient, Affordable and Walk In to inform customers that top quality healthcare services are immediately available within their own neighborhood. They also boldly display terms like Doctor on Duty, CT Scans and X-rays. These terms further reinforce the idea that top level medical care is available quickly and close to home.

Signs Bring In New Customers

Research tells us that 50% of your customers will learn about your store through on-premise signage. It also says that 85% of your customers live, work and play within a five-mile radius.

The folks at Total Access are cashing in on these research statistics with bold window graphics that tell their story. The result is their potential customers have the opportunity to see their branded window signage 50 to 60 times each month! It’s a smart way to reinforce their brand message in the local community.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

If you want to learn more about effective window signage, download our free ebook “Five Astonishing Statistics on Effective Outdoor Signage” here.

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