Bus Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics, Truck Graphics and Car Wraps reach audiences at a fraction of the cost of other media.

Grab your customer’s attention with hi-impact vehicle graphics, custom truck wraps and car graphics. If you’re looking for an affordable outdoor media that will get the attention of your audience, vehicle graphics will get the job done.

A recent study from The American Trucking Association, (ATA), said that within a single year, an average delivery truck side can generate up to 16 million visual impressions. If you compare the cost per square foot, per thousand impressions of a truck wrap graphic with that of a traditional billboard ad, you’ll be impressed with just how far your ad dollars can go with vehicle wraps.

People Remember Vehicle Graphics

The ATA experts go on to report that a whopping 91% of people notice words, pictures and graphics that are wrapped onto trucks of all sizes. Imagine the exposure your product or service will get when you expand your message over your entire fleet. These are the kind of statistics that have led to the explosion of vehicle graphic wrap usage worldwide.

Car WrapThe smartest vehicle wrap marketing programs realize that a simple company name on the side of a truck is good, but a high-impact visual graphic is even better! You can increase and improve all of your current marketing strategies by simply converting headlines, sub heads and visual images into truck wraps and car graphics.

City bus wraps and coach wraps are another opportunity to reach a hungry audience with your hi-grade product, service or event graphics. Bus wrap advertising has proven itself as a successful outdoor media strategy.

Mainstream companies are wrapping busses in cities all over the United States and Canada. Names like the MGM Grand Hotel, US Army, Groupon and others have discovered the power of wrapping city bus fleets to promote their events, products and services.

Bus Wrap: Movie PromotionTruck side advertising is another area that is changing with the times. There was a time not long ago when corporate truck fleets were adorned with expensive product images and elaborate hand applied logos. Today there are enormous media buy opportunities associated with corporate and truck fleet operators.

More Effective Than Traditional Outdoor

Outdoor Advertising Magazine reports that outdoor mobile media billboards have an astounding 97% recall rate. Additionally 99% of survey respondents thought mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. Learn more about Wrap Advertising.

Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics are Perfect for:

Give your marketing campaigns a boost with the addition of vehicle graphics that catch the attention of eyes all over town.

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