COLOR: It’s all in your head

ColorUnderstanding the role and impact color choices have on our marketing and branding is, for many of us, a confusing and misunderstood subject.

If you’re in the business of creating wide format signage, like wallscapes, window graphics or vinyl banners, you just might want to dive a bit deeper into authentic psychology of color principles in order to maximize your signage performance.

What’s that? Color plays that big a role, you ask? Yes indeed, it’s true. A study called The¬†Impact of Color in Marketing,¬†reveals that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone.

What’s so wrong with my color choice?

As it turns out there really isn’t a lot of reliable data that actually defines how we react to specific colors. And with regard to branding, research shows that color is really too dependent on personal experience to be absolutely and specifically aligned with our most human and fundamental feelings.

There is no doubt that color plays an important role in our judgement about brands and products. But which colors cause which feelings can be a bit harder to determine.

Take the color green for instance. You may immediately consider eco-friendly products are a sure bet if you use green in your wide format signage. But green is also closely linked to the financial industry. And those Wall Street tycoons are a far cry from my tree-hugging environmentalist friends. Yet both aptly apply.

Similar contrasts can be made in almost every product and service category.

Let’s consider brown as a color choice. Your mind may quickly envision a rough and ready cow-puncher herding cattle across a dust covered range. But doesn’t the same color work for smooth, creamy and delectable chocolate? These two aren’t even in the same ballpark, yet brown remains an excellent choice for both.

Let your mind do the work

In the end, there’s just no easy way to answer the question about which color is best for my branded signs. We’re left with the task of aligning our color choices with our generally accepted experiences. What’s feeling does your product relate to? What mood does it leave you with?

These notions are what we need to examine in order to get our wallscapes and window graphics right. Which feelings will your vinyl banners evoke? And will those feeling align with your brand message?

Wide format printing catches a lot of eyeballs if used appropriately. Look around you. Use your head when selecting the best colors for your brand.

The mind is like an iceberg. Commerce Color- wide format printing experts

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