Window Graphics Could Have Saved My Meal

You heard that right. The application of window graphics to this restaurant’s east facing window wall could have easily saved my family’s dining experience. Attempting to eat in this fast food restaurant resulted in disaster because the late day sun was so intense that none of us could enjoy our food.

It may sound extreme but it sure is true! It was nearly unbearable when we tried to tough it out last night at a local Popeye’s restaurant. I finally had to get up and move out of the dining room to get out of the direct sunlight. My daughter soon followed.

As we walked out to the car my daughter murmured, “We probably won’t be back here anytime soon, right Dad?” I nodded “Yes” and offered this minor caveat, “And it won’t be because of the food!”

Don’t you just hate to see an otherwise good customer experience get screwed over by conditions that are out of the store manager’s control? Well it doesn’t have to end this way. There are always opportunities for improvement.

Window Mesh: Like a cool pair of sunglasses for your storefront

Why cool you ask? Because the addition of visual branding to your store front will better position your product with the customers walking and driving outside your store. That’s big medicine for strip mall retailers.

See-Through Window Graphics Cover This Urgent Care Storefront

See-Through Window Graphics Cover This Urgent Care Storefront

Here a list of savvy retailers using window graphics and window signage to increase their business :

  • Healthcare / Urgent Care
  • Body Massage
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Hardware Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Supermarkets / Grocery Stores
  • Real Estate Offices …and more

Window Mesh Printing: Fast, Easy and Changeable

The beauty of this kind of window signage is that is quick to create. Have your graphic designer put together a layout that will fit your window storefront. Or contact a great large format printer to help you design your storefront.

It’s easy to install. In most cases, a store owner can put up their own window mesh without much trouble. For a more extensive application, we can help locate a reliable installer for your project.

Change with the seasons. You can design your storefront as an evergreen brand message that remains year round or you can update your store with every season or every product in your line up.

Window Graphics kill two birds with one stone

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

It all about the dual purpose of well designed window signage. If that Popeye’s restaurant I mentioned had covered that single sun-drenched wall with window graphics, they would have created another sell opportunity from the outside and kept happier customers on the inside. And that includes me and my family!

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