Springtime for Pole Banners

Savvy marketers know that spring is a perfect time for fresh and new pole banner promotions. We consumers have endured a harsh winter and are venturing out into warmer weather. The sun is out, skies are blue and there’s a freshness in the air. It’s time to launch a new pole banner campaign!

Pole Banner Spring Promotion Samples

Pole Banner Spring Promotion Samples

Pole Banners For Every Occasion

If you take a moment to look around you’ll notice new pole banner programs going up all over your town. Here are a few popular venues for pole banner promotions:

Shopping Mall Parking Lots
High School Sports Events
Business Grand Openings
Major League Baseball
Citywide Event Promotions
Spring Festival Promotion
Private Event Promotions
Product Launch Promotions
Housing Development Promotion
Restaurant Promotions
Farmers Market Openings
Auto Dealer Promotions
Church Event Promotion
College and University Promotions

Why Pole Banners Work So Well

The secret behind a successful pole banner campaign is in the repetition of the message. Any big league sales guru worth his salt will profess that cold sales are not made until the prospect gets from after 7 to 10 touches.

Why is that? It’s because we consumers need to be reminded of a good idea over and over before we act on it one way or another. That’s why you rarely see just one or two pole banners. The most successful pole banner programs convey their message in large numbers and with frequent repetition.

The ubiquitous pole banner is truly a workhorse in the outdoor advertising industry. The custom nature of the pole banner gives savvy marketers the ability to make their pole banners stand out from the crowd. Visit our pole banner page to learn more about how a pole banner program can go to work for you!

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