The Economic Value of Business Signage

Astonishing Statistics on Outdoor SignageMany small and medium sized business owners struggle with decisions about how to wisely spend their limited marketing dollars.

With a variety of available options to choose from including newspaper ads, direct mail and TV advertising, many remain uncertain about which will bring the best possible return on their investment.

In an earlier post, 4 Ways Outdoor Signage Will Improve Your Business, we provided data from The Signage Foundation’s 2012 study showing that improved outdoor signage has been shown to boost business.

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…it is clear from our work [Economics Center, University of Cincinnati] that sign regulation incentivizing legible, visible, and conspicuous signs can boost business performance, especially for the small businesses that can catalyze growth.  — The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage Report, August 2012.

The infographic below shows a number of statistics that further demonstrate the power of outdoor business signage.

The Economic Value of Business Signage

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