Use color to improve your outdoor signage

It’s easy to find all sorts of data from the online world that shows which colors cause consumer action. But what about the large and wide format outdoor signage guys? Maybe we can all benefit from the “psychology of color” lessons learned in the online world.

The data shows that 85% of shoppers place color as the primary reason they buy a particular product. And, when marketing new products, we should keep in mind that 93% of consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping.

There are some big lessons to be learned from this kind of information. Any factors that influence buying decisions are worth looking at.

How do colors affect outdoor signage effectiveness?

Click to see the full blown infographic by Kissmetrics

Color and Large Format Printing

Does any of this really matter? You bet it does. If your designers are not paying attention to the psychology of color and how it affects consumer behavior, it’s time to find a new creative team. One of the cool things about the online world is that everything is measurable! And when smart folks like the those at Kissmetrics compile user and more importantly BUYER data, we ought to be listening. Look at these examples:

  • Red is the high energy color and is often used in clearance sales
  • Green is associated with wealth (the color of money) and is used in stores to help customers relax
  • Pink is romantic and feminine. It primarily targets women and young girls
  • Black is powerful and sleek. This is where the high end luxury market lives

Check out this nifty Kissmetrics video that walks through the entire infographic. It’s definitely worth a look.

What color is your outdoor signage?

Are you using this kind of data to improve your outdoor signage? Next time your looking for maximum impact on your event signage, stage backdrops and vinyl banners, check back to see how these colors move consumers toward a purchase. There’s no doubt the interior designers are using it in retail operations. Custom wall murals, retail signage and window graphics designers should be aware of the impact of color.

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