Vehicle Wraps: Rolling Signage that Tells Your Story

Bus wraps and vehicle wraps have proven themselves to be uber-effective in the world of outdoor advertising. With the latest advances in printing technology and adhesive substrates, vehicle wraps have gained world-wide appeal from some of the biggest and most sophisticated advertisers.

Eye-popping visuals have become standard fare for even the smallest local ad buyers. It’s no wonder we’re seeing vehicle graphics for plumbers, florists and caterers. Everybody knows the value of high impact business promotion

Normal everyday vehicles are being transformed into high impact message carriers for small mom and pop shops as well the world’s leading brands.

Why? Because they reach loads of targeted viewers at a very reasonable cost. Studies indicate that vehicle wrap costs can be under half a buck per thousand impressions. That’s a rock bottom cost compared to television which can cost $20 for the same viewer reach.

Bus Wraps: The big guns of vehicle wrap promotion

Vehicle Wraps, Bus Wraps: Wet Republic Event Opening Promo

Vehicle Wraps, Bus Wraps: Wet Republic Event Opening Promo

Vehicle Graphics, Bus Wraps: Kenyon Book Tour Promo

Vehicle Wraps, Bus Wraps: Vacation Travel Promo

Vehicle Wraps, Bus Wraps: Vacation Travel Promo

Vehicle Wraps, Bus Wraps: iPhone App Promo

Vehicle Wraps, Bus Wraps: iPhone App Promo

Full bus wraps are the crown jewel of vehicle wrap advertising. And the major brands have not been slow to take advantage of that fact. Take a look at what else is working on full bus wrap programs:

  • Event Promotions
  • Grand Opening Promos
  • Book Tour Promotions
  • Political Tour Bus Promos
  • Rock Band Touring Promos
  • Product and Brand Launch Promos
  • Smartphone Promos
  • and many more

Three reasons to consider vehicle wraps for your next outdoor promotion

1 Lots of impressions for a little money. As we mentioned above, the cost of wrap advertising is a fraction of other more traditional media like TV and radio.

2. One time cost gets it done. Vehicle wraps have a one time cost which plays out over the life of your wrap. No monthly charges like phone book listings, radio ads or television time.

3. Your message is in motion. Your bus wrap or truck side graphics go where you need them. Your message can reach a new and bigger audience every day it’s on the road.

Have you seen any vehicle graphics around your town? Of course you have. And those advertisers are the smart ones who are leveraging their advertising dollars in one of the fastest growing advertising mediums in the world today …vehicle wraps and graphics.

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