Vinyl Banners and Outdoor Signage

Traditional custom Vinyl Banners and Outdoor Signage remain an economical and versatile way to promote your service or company.

Art Museum Vinyl BannerAs the workhorse of the custom sign industry, vinyl banners and custom banners remain some the most versatile and durable forms of indoor and outdoor signage.

With the latest advances of modern printing technologies there really are no barriers to what kind of sign you can create. They can be as tall or as wide as your imagination can dream of. It’s truly amazing to witness the endless variety of custom signs that are designed for every type of indoor and outdoor application.

Real estate developers and construction companies often use a variety of different vinyl banners and custom signs to help promote their properties. Savvy real estate developers take advantage of fence-scape signage, pole banner programs, building wraps and truck side graphics to communicate key marketing messages to the street traffic in and around their construction sites.

Vinyl banners and custom signs in every conceivable size, both indoors and out

Smart planners know there is normally a steady stream of trade show visitors traveling through local airports, bus stations and light rail stations. They are on their way to, or on their way from exhibit spaces. This creates an additional variety of branding opportunities that are perfectly suited for custom signs and vinyl banners.

Trade show and event planners use vinyl banners and custom banner printing for all sorts of indoor signage. They’re an excellent addition to trade show booth designs and are often used as large wayfinding signals guiding show participants to specific booth attractions and show locations. Larger vinyl banners and signs are often used outside exhibit halls as well, to reinforce brand appeal for some of the largest show participants.

Retail stores are another big vinyl banner consumer. You can see all sorts of custom banners in shopping malls, big box stores and super-centers throughout the United States and Canada.

The customizable nature of vinyl banners lets these savvy marketing professionals create unusual and imaginative signage programs that grab customer attention and help drive sales.

Super Sized Sports Event Promotions

Big time sporting events like the NCAA Final Four, The SuperBowl and The MLB All-Star Game will literally blanket their host city with a variety of vinyl banners and custom signs.

These tightly controlled branding opportunities help to convey the high levels of excitement that ultimately permeate the entire region. These globally celebrated events are built with the help of strategically designed and placed custom signage programs.


“Commerce Color was tremendous to work with during the NCAA Final Four Tournament.

NCAA Outdoor SignageThere was never an “ask” that was too big or unrealistic for Commerce Color. They performed incredibly well under challenging timelines and the end product was always of great quality.

It was a joy to work with Commerce as our “official” print vendor and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.” Missy Slay Executive Director 2005 NCAA Final Four St. Louis Organizing Committee

“Larger Than Life”

“The MOTO Museum is in a building that formerly housed a commercial printer. The interior was voluminous and we were looking for something to break up the space. We also wanted to create wall signage that would provide a dramatic backdrop for the vintage motorcycles themselves.” Christa McCall of The Lawrence Group,

MOTO Museum Vinyl Banners“We wanted graphics that were on a larger-than-life scale,” notes McCall, who designed the vinyl banners with James Walker, also of The Lawrence Group.

“Two are 12′ high by 52′ long and the others are slightly smaller. This is the first time we have done something this large using this material for an interior application.”

Additional ideas for Vinyl Banner Marketing

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