Wall Murals and Wallpaper Graphics

Grab your audience’s attention with stunning vinyl wall murals, custom wallpaper and shopping mall barricade graphics.

Wall Mural for Mens Clothing RetailerStrategically branded and well-designed wallpaper murals help to shift the thinking patterns of those around them. Help your customers get into their buying mood with vinyl graphics, signage and custom wall murals that surround their shopping experience.

We produce commercial grade and fire-rated custom wallpapers that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. If you’ve been thinking about bringing wall murals into your marketing efforts, get a head-start and use our simple quick quote form shown at right. It’s a quick and easy way to begin building your wallpaper budget.

Custom printed murals cover the world of retail.

Retail store operations have long used the ambience building power of custom wallpaper. Shopping mall barricades covered with wall murals bring a variety of information to the shopper’s attention.

Dicks Mall Barricade Wall MuralThey provide overall brand recognition for coming stores. They can also introduce products and advise of store opening events with specific dates and times. In addition they entertain shoppers as they make their way from store to store.

Fast food operations use branded custom wall murals to focus customer attention on product selections and comfortable eat-in areas. Themed restaurants use wallcoverings and murals to encourage a relaxed atmosphere while they inform diners with their strategically positioned brand messages.

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“Excellent Quality”

Working with Commerce Color was incredible. They produced vibrant colors and excellent quality in all of their custom wallpaper graphics for the LEGOLAND project.

And at one point when we had a tight deadline issue and didn’t provide them with artwork for one of the walls until the last minute, they turned the project around quickly and the mural was installed in time for the opening.

Lego Land Custom Wall Murals

They really contributed to the success of this project.” Rich Hill, designer at Sally Corporation

“Looked Fabulous”

“They were able to guide us through the process, coaching the graphics group on how to translate their carpet patterns into custom wallpaper.

Milliken Showroom Wallpaper

We went through many rounds of samples to get the color right and Commerce Color was so patient with us.

The final product looked fabulous and Milliken has had countless inquiries about the wallcovering.” Principal Catherine Severson, Q Studio, an architectural firm based in Chicago.

Other Uses for Custom Wall Murals

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