Wallscapes and Building Wraps

Bigger is always better when it comes to the communication power behind these giant, vinyl wallscapes and building wraps. When your signage covers the side of a building your message is seen by walking and driving traffic for blocks and blocks!

It’s no wonder these monster signs are showing up on downtown rehab projects, city skyscrapers, construction scaffolding and more.

Wallscapes have become one of the most attention getting and innovative forms of outdoor advertising and are often seen as a key feature in a strategically planned construction signage program.

Wallscapes hit’em where they live, work and play

Giant wallscape signs that cover entire building sides have become a very popular way for advertisers to take their messages to the streets. Smart marketers know that this kind of versatile signage reaches us where we live, work and play. They have a huge impact on their audience.

Our building wrap experience makes us different.

We’ve printed wallscapes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We’ve use vinyl, mesh and various pressure sensitive materials. The signs we print are seen in cities and towns all over the United States and Canada.

We’ve worked with a variety of installers throughout the country. We make sure that each understands the ins and out of proper wallscape installation. And If you have any doubt about the importance of proper installation, do not proceed!

Be sure that your installer has the chops to get it done right …the first time! If you need a recommendation, we can help find the right installer for your wallscape or building wrap project.

Learn more about wallscapes and other forms of Out-of-Home Advertising.


“Outsized building wraps and wallscapes are an essential part of the advertising campaign.

Roberts Tower: Wallscapes for large scale real estate developmentFifty percent of customer response comes from a loft or condo development’s signage.

It’s what they remember when they are surveyed as to how they heard about the project,” states Gretchen Floresca, Principal of Werremeyer|Floresca, a St. Louis-based creative firm.


“One challenge with perforated products, whether window graphics, wallscapes or building wraps, is achieving correct color.

Because of the perforations, it is difficult to get the color vibrant enough.” According to Christa McCall, graphic designer for The Lawrence Group, an architectural, design and development firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri,

Wallscapes Sample: Park Pacific Rehab Building Wrap“You really have to work with an experienced printer to ensure that the color is right. We have used Commerce Color almost exclusively for our large and wide format printing.”

Other uses for Wallscape and Building Wrap graphics

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