Why Commerce Color

Experience in Large and Wide Format PrintingJust what makes Commerce Color large and wide format printing experts?

The simple answer is experience. We’ve been in business for more that fifty years and in that time we’ve completed hundreds of large format projects for a wide range of satisfied customers all over the United States.

And with the completion of each printed project comes another bit of experience stored away for use on our next customer’s project. We apply all the lessons from the past to the effective production of our customer’s future requests.

But the real benefits of working with an industry leader can only be learned through the comments and testimonials of their loyal customers.


Q Studio, an architectural firm based in Chicago, designed Milliken Carpet’s award winning NEOCON showroom. Principal Catherine Severson found Commerce Color through a search on the Internet.

Large Format Printing: Milliken WallpaperShe spoke with several people at Commerce Color and everyone seemed confident and knowledgeable, which gave her a high level of confidence to move forward, even though she had never worked with them before.

“Commerce Color was fabulous to work with,” says Catherine Severson. “From the first time I talked to them, they understood exactly what we were trying to do.


“We wanted graphics that were on a larger-than-life scale,” notes Christa McCall of The Lawrence Group.

McCall, who designed the oversized vinyl banners for the MOTO Museum in St. Louis with James Walker, also of The Lawrence Group.

Large and Wide Format Printing: Moto Museum Banners“Two are 12′ high by 52′ long and the others are slightly smaller. This was the first time we had done something this large using this material for an interior application.”


“Commerce Color did a great job. They worked really hard, got the event graphics done in an insane amount of time and the banners worked perfectly.

The whole thing came off beautifully. If anything, I was amazed at how simple it was to do something so dramatic.”

Large And Wide Format Printing: Cityscape Event bannersCreative agency principal, Michael Pitzer, found Commerce Color through a search on the Internet and selected them after visiting their website and seeing the size and scope of their previous work.

What he saw gave him confidence to move forward with this project, which involved some things that had never been done before with printed vinyl banners.


“Commerce Color was tremendous to work with during the NCAA Final Four tournament. There was never an “ask” that was too big or unrealistic for Commerce Color.

Large and Wide Format printing: NCAA Building WrapThey performed incredibly well under challenging timelines and the end product was always of great quality.

It was a joy to work with Commerce Color as our “official” print vendor and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again,” Missy Slay, Executive Director of the NCAA Final Four St. Louis Organizing Committee.

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