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Bring your brand message to the street outside your storefront using state-of-the-art hi-impact Window Graphics, Window Stickers and Window Signage.

Meadows Windows Signage

With thousands of people commuting in and around city streets every day, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to greet them while walking to work, meeting for lunch or commuting for home. Use window signage to tell them your story.

Smart marketing professionals capitalize on these street window opportunities with vinyl window graphics, window stickers and custom window signage. They not only provide highly targeted messaging opportunities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, they also provide in-store sun protection for those early morning or late day hours when the sunlight can inhibit typical shopping and browsing habits.

Window Graphics: To see or not to see

See-Through-Window-Graphics-1In many cases, retail developers will use window graphics and window signage to block visual access to the unfinished construction of store interiors.

In an increasing number of cases, however, retail owners will install vibrantly branded window graphics that not only help advertise their products and services on the outside, but allow the browsing customers on the inside to see right through to the out!

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” The project presented a unique problem. No pressure-sensitive material could be affixed directly to the windows or doors because it would void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Commerce Color devised a system whereby the branded graphics were printed on a rigid material, and then clear spacers were used to keep them from coming in contact with the glass.

The Meadows Window Graphics Under GlassFinally, spring-loaded rods were mounted between the window and door frames to hold them into position. It was an inventive solution and worked beautifully.” David Freeburg, General Manager of The Meadows at Lake St. Louis.


“We needed to cover the windows and doors of the unoccupied spaces, and at the same time, convey the brands of The Meadows at Lake St. Louis, the existing stores and the coming stores.

Window Sinage VonMaurThe development has 260,000 square feet of retail space. We were 70 percent leased at the time of the Grand Opening, so it was a large project.

Commerce Color provided window graphics and vinyl banners for the remaining 30 percent.” Bridget Geiss, Marketing Director at The Meadows at Lake St. Louis.

Typical Uses for Window Graphics and Window Signage

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Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

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