Window Graphics: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

One of the cool things about well-designed window graphics, (In this case, perforated window film) is that they have terrific brand appeal from the outside and are nearly invisible from the inside.

Window Graphics: Outside Looking In

Window Graphics on Dick’s Sporting Goods: Outside Looking In

Window Graphics on Dick's Sporting Goods: Inside Looking Out

The Same Window Graphics on Dick’s Sporting Goods: Inside Looking Out

Just think of how a retailer might put that to work in almost any storefront.

If your primary objective is to draw more customer traffic. We know that effective outdoor signage does exactly that. (Get our free ebook to learn more.)

It’s a pretty easy process to install these kind of window graphics on your storefront windows. You just decide what your best and most customer focused messaging is and have the graphic installed.

Window Graphics: Easy As One, Two, Three

Window Grpahics: Measure Twice Cut OnceIf you want to add some powerful visual merchandising to your storefront, here’s a simple and cost effective way to do it

  1. Measure your store windows. And this is a good time to use the age old carpenter’s rule… “Measure Twice Cut Once.” It’s particularly important here because your measurement will result in finished graphics and if they don’t fit, there’s no going back. It’s a do-over!
  2. Design you messaging. This may seem like the fun part but as professional sign makers we have just one piece of advice… HIRE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER! if you want your message to move the hearts and minds of you customers, hire a pro designer to help create your message. It’ll be money well invested, every time.
  3. Print Your Window Graphics. Once your designs are ready, hire the right printer to print your window graphics. Choose one with experience, capability and integrity. We’ve got just the company in mind… here.
  4. Install Your Window Graphics. Installation isn’t rocket science but it’s not for the rank amateur either. if you’ve got some DIY skills we suggest you give it a go. We can provide a step by step process or you can find a number of “how to” You Tube videos online. We can also get a good installer for you. Let us know what your needs are.

Extending The Power of your Outdoor Signage

We know that effective outdoor signage increases profits! And with 85% of your customer base living within a five mile radius of your business, you may want to think long and hard about adding to or changing your existing signage.

Window graphics are simple, fast and effective at communicating your message.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

Learn how important outdoor signage is to your business. Click the image to download this FREE ebook.

If you want to learn more about effective outdoor signage, download our free ebook “Five Astonishing Statistics on effective Outdoor Signage” here. You won’t be disappointed.

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