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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Window Graphics

Store windows and doors are prime real estate for promotional messages.

If you’re not using the doors and windows of your storefront to their full potential, you may want to consider these five reasons to use window graphics.

1. Window Graphics are Large and Inviting

It's not likely a store owner would consider adding signage over their pricey monument sign to advertise a "one-time-only" sale. But the windows and doors are a perfect way to advertise short-term sales, holiday promotions, new product announcements and/or other special events.

You see, your store's window real estate catches lots of customer attention. It's the perfect way to speak to your customers' specific needs and desires.

Urgant Care Window Grphics - Brand Benefit Statement

2. Window Graphics and Signs are Affordable

When compared to permanent signage, window graphics are a bargain. And you can refresh and update them with monthly or seasonal promotions.

Research indicates that 85% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business. This means they potentially see your signage 50 - 60 times per month. With that frequency, you can hardly afford not to use window graphics to promote your specials and sales.

3. Window Graphics Help Reinforce Brand Messaging

If you're interested in touching on your customers pain points, window graphics are the perfect opportunity. Display your hours of operation, lifestyle imagery, sale items, featured products, product brands and more.

Convey the important advantages of your business right onto the street with strategically designed window signage.

Urgent Care Window Graphics - Full Window Coverage

4. Window Graphics Offer Privacy and Sun Protection

Tired of early-morning or late-day sun blazing into your sales floor? Consider mesh window graphics that shield interiors from strong sunlight, help cut energy costs related to cooling or spare visitors from unsightly views of not-so-pretty side lots or alleyways.

Grab the opportunity to present your advertising messages to customers on one side while maintaining an unimpeded view to those on the other.

5. Window Graphics Work Hard.

There's a reason smart retailers use window graphics on store fronts. They work!

Take our friends at Total Access Urgent Care. With 21 locations in and around the St Louis region, they have successfully grabbed a powerful foothold in the local market.

They put a strategic priority on brand building by incorporating consistent window graphics on all of their locations. And they're reaping the benefits from every aspect of their window signage effort.

Urgant Care Storefront  Window Graphics

Are you ready to tell your story with the help of window graphics? The large format experts at Commerce Color can help. Call 888-781-7702 and we'll help bring your vision to life.

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