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The Largest Double Sided Static Billboard in The United States

The billboard required careful planning and preparation.

The billboard structure sits 350 feet above street level and is clearly visible throughout the city.​

The enormous Pepsi billboard once towering over the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama required some careful planning and preparation. The actual sign dimension is 26 feet high but the banner itself extends over the top of the structure and draped down each side.

Pepsi Vinyl Billboard in Birmingham Alabama

With overall dimensions at 176 feet by 52 feet, the plan called for three separate printed panels that would be attached to one another by the installation crew on site. That's a lot of vinyl!

"It stands out and looks great,” said Jimmy Lee III, chief executive officer of Buffalo Rock, a local Pepsi product distributer. “It definitely looks better than that rusted can that was up there."

Once printing was complete, we were ready for a pre-install color check. As it happens, Commerce Color is just a few blocks away from The Dome at America's Center.

The Dome at America's Center in downtown St. Louis was a perfect venue for us to carefully inspect the entire banner. We were permitted access to the dome floor to layout the completed panels. We’d like to extend our special thanks to our friends at the dome.

Pepsi vinyl billboard color check on the floor of The Dome at America's Center

The approved panels were then rolled, folded and packaged according to the installer’s specification. It was critical that each panel would unfurl properly once hoisted 350 feet skyward.

As you might imagine, an unexpected gust of wind could not only blow the 500 lb. panel off the roof but could also cause a serious injury to one or more of the installers.

Installing a Super-Sized Billboard

Once the panels arrived on site the installers from Paramount & Co. took over. They installed the behemoth banner on top an 18 story building in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama.

The “Southern Original” billboard is reported to be the largest static billboard installed in the United States. It was designed to retrofit over the top of an outdated digital display that sits on top of the 2 North Twentieth building.

The billboard structure sits 350 feet above street level and is clearly visible from almost every major transportation hub throughout the city.

Largest Static Billboard in the U. S.
Largest Staic Billboard over 350 ft over the city of Birmingham Alabama
The Pepsi vinyl billboard structure sits 350 feet above street level

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