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6 Reasons to Use Expert Professional Store Signage

Learn what your customers think about store signage

Store signage is the first important visual your customers see

Make no mistake about it. Your store signage plays a vital role in how your customers behave, both inside and out. Whether they’re driving by in their car or strolling through the mall, your store signage is the first important visual they see.

Expertly designed and professionally produced signage has proven time and time again to make that all important first impression. And the best possible outcome for your business is increased sales.

A survey by FedEx office and Ketchum Global Research and Analytics revealed a good deal of data about how store signage affects consumer decision making.

Survey Says!

- 1 -

76% of potential customers reported they had entered a storefront they had never visited before because of its signage.

- 2 -

75% reported telling friends, family and acquaintances about a store primarily because of its signage.

- 3 -

68% said the quality of a store’s signage is a reflection on their perception of the quality of the products and services inside.

- 4 -

67% reported that they bought products because the store's signage grabbed and held their attention.

- 5 -

60% said stores with no signage is a deterent and often discourages them from shopping at that store.

- 6 -

50% reported that low quality or bad signage (typos, poor design etc.) will keep them from entering a store.

Store Signage at The Meadows Shopping Mall
Mall Interior Store Signage

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