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For the Love of Chocolate and Peanut Butter

20,000 feet of Custom Printed Wall Murals

When our friends at Sally Dark Rides, world-renowned creators of destination quality dark rides and animatronics, asked us to print and install 20,000 square feet of custom wall murals for their Reeses Cupfusion ride in Hershey Park, we sprang into action.

At an early stage, we helped develop a print and install schedule that worked into the overall timeline for their spring 2019 launch date.

"There are a lot of moving parts that go into these kinds of interactive projects and it's vital that we stay on schedule," said Chris Weaver, Reese's Cupfusion project manager. "We need our trusted partners to meet strict deadlines and Commerce Color made it happen right on schedule."

Reeses Cupfusion Custom Wallcovering: Sally Corporation
Sally Corp. Cupfusion Wall Murals
Custom Wall Covering: Sally Corp, Reeses Cupfusion Ride
Custom Wallpaper Designs for Reeses Cupfusion Dark Ride
Custom Wall Murals: Reeses Cupfusion Dark Ride, Sally Corp.

The ride spans approximately 20 ft by 500 ft of meticulously designed wall murals with associated objects and Reese's characters. Twisting and turning along Cupfusion's specifically planned hallways and rooms, each rider is encouraged to interact with cutting edge animations and technical wizardry... all in an effort to stop Mint and his misfit candies from stealing the Crystal Cup that collects Reese’s Spirit.

The custom-designed wallpaper murals and graphics provide a base layer onto which additional visuals, animatronics, and interactive components are installed. And, as is always the case with the construction phase of complex projects, adjustments and modifications need to be made.

Reese's Cupfusion dark ride with custom-designed wallpaper graphics

"When measurements weren't exactly as specified, Commerce Color made the necessary adjustments on the fly. Everything looked perfect by the time the next phase of the construction needed to be underway." according to Chris Weaver. "We never have to worry when we work with Commerce Color! Their attention to detail is always well beyond our expectation."

The all-new Reese’s Cupfusion attraction merges the world’s love of chocolate and peanut butter with a dark ride experience and state-of-the-art, multi-level game player technology that has something for everyone.

The ride officially opened in May 2019 to great fanfare. We've had overwhelmingly positive feedback with guests complimenting the new technology, multi-level gameplay and the unique elements of the story.

Vikki Hultquist, General Manager Attractions and Entertainment, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts.

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