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8 Amazing Statistics About Outdoor Advertising

Out of Home Media... Alive and well!

Outdoor is the single medium that is predicted to remain steady

A recent study by Magna Global had a look at out of home media spending in the United States since 2010 with a forecast through 2021.

The results report that every other major form of advertising, except digital, will experience a decline in ad spend by a minimum of 10%. Outdoor is the single medium that is predicted to remain steady at 4.2 percent.

Perhaps one reason for the resilience of out of home media is the fact that it remains exceptionally versatile and durable when compared to the less flexible ad formats like radio and print.

Versatility and durability is what outdoor advertising is all about is all about. Variety of sizes, shapes and color are only bound by your imagination. Billboards, banners and wallscapes can be designed to not only fit traditional formats but non-traditional as well.

Super-sized Glenfiddich Billboard/ Wallscape, Dallas Texas

Check out these eight particularly impressive statistics about the effectiveness and reach of out of home media.

-- 75 percent --

The share of travelers who have seen a billboard in the past month

-- 55 percent --

The share who say they were “highly engaged” by the ad’s message

-- 71 percent --

The share who said billboards stand out better than online ads

-- 49 percent --

The share of the population who see place-based networks each month

-- 25 million --

The total number place-based screens in the United States

-- 7,800 --

The total number of digital billboards in the United States

-- 5 percent --

The total share of ad budgets devoted to out of home ad spend

-- 14 percent --

How much more likely adults 25-34 who live in households making more than $100K per year are to notice outdoor ads than the rest of the population.

There’s nothing better than hard, cold facts to help us better understand the impact of outdoor advertising in this age of increasing technology, cell phone dominance and millennial data crunchers.

It looks like outdoor advertising, with all the evolution over its 200-year history, is alive and well.

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Special thanks to Gino Sesto, founder of DASH TWO, a Digital and Outdoor Agency based in CA.