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World’s Most Remote Pop-Up Shop

Outdoor Advertising Case Study: 37.5 Technology “The Cliffside Shop”

The World’s Most Remote Pop-Up Shop Handed Out Gear 300 Feet Up a Sheer Cliff

70 hardy souls reached 37.5 Technology's activation

Billed as the world’s most remote pop-up store, “The Cliffside Shop” appeared one day on the sheer rock face of Bastille, a picturesque peak in Colorado, where a climber gave out hoodies, socks and other gear to anyone who made it that far up the mountain.

It was a stunt by agency Work in Progress for 37.5 Technology, which provides advanced materials to the makers of high-tech performance apparel.

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DISCLAIMER: Commerce Color was not involved in this outdoor project. We just love creative outdoor advertising projects and enjoy sharing them with our friends and clients.

Special thanks to Tim Nudd at Adweek, for his review of top campaigns of 2017