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Pole Banners: The Workhorse of Outdoor Advertising

Basic outdoor advertising that is here to stay

Pole banners are relatively low cost, offer high impact visibility and have almost endless applications

When Hershey Park, an amusement park in Pennsylvania planned the celebration of their 100-year anniversary, they chose light pole banners as part of the marketing mix.

Commerce Color worked with Don Rhoads of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company on the project.

"Over seventy banners are displayed in the parking lots and on the light poles that line Chocolate Avenue," according Rhoads. "We used two styles of banners: one marks the 100-year anniversary of the Hershey's Kiss, and the other marks the 100-year anniversary of Hershey Park. This is the first time we have used pole banners along Chocolate Avenue, and we are quite pleased with the results."

Various Pole Banner sample projects

Commerce Color has worked with a number of municipalities, townships, real estate developers and construction companies on a variety of pole banner projects.

They're perfect for providing visitors with specific information. When tourists visit, they may be unaware of all the activities available in the local area. Pole banners not only increase awareness of visitors' options, they also improve the aesthetic appeal of the entire area.

Are you thinking of a pole banner program for your organization? Call Commerce Color at 888 781-7702 and speak to a large format expert.