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A 500 Foot Classic Car Wall Mural

Every car guy’s dream come true.

The showroom is both astonishing and enormous!

Our friends at Gateway Classic Cars completed the interior renovation for their new St. Louis headquarters. We produced and installed a 500 foot wall mural that circles the primary showroom.

Gateway Classic Cars is the world’s largest classic car company with 18 locations across the United States including St Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Louisville, Tampa and Chicago.

The St. Louis showroom is both astonishing and enormous! Upon entry, you’re greeted by a friendly receptionist. She helps to point visitors in the right direction, whether they’ve come to browse an ocean of classics or they have a specific model in mind.

The room seems endless. It’s filled with every type of car you might imagine. From vintage American pick ups to highly polished Dodge Vipers, Bentleys and Porches. This place is every car guy’s dream come true.

Wall Murals circle the primary showroom of Gateway Classic Cars
Classic Car Wall Mural  Close up
Primary Showroom Classic Car Wall Mural

St. Louis design agency Boxing Clever provided the magnificent visuals for the wall mural. Commerce Color printed and coordinated the installation.

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