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If Traffic Won’t Come to the Art, Why not Bring Art to the Traffic?

Outdoor Advertising Case Study: TBWA\RAAD “Highway Gallery.”

The First Universal Museum in the Arab World.

On Nov. 11, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its doors. It calls itself the first “universal museum in the Arab world,” exhibiting art from a globalized perspective.

Louvre Abu Dhabi - The First Universal Museum in the Arab World.

But the United Arab Emirates doesn’t really have a strong museum-going culture. Thus was conceived this insight: If traffic won’t come to the art, why not bring art to the traffic?

For U.A.E. Innovation month, the museum launched the “Highway Gallery.” Created by TBWA\RAAD (in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Media Company, Radio 1 FM, Classic FM and Emarat FM.)

The idea is simple: Use billboards to showcase 10 major works alongside the EE/11 Sheikh Zayed highway, which goes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and supports over 12,000 commuters daily.

Through March 14, the “world’s first and only radio-guided highway gallery” stretches across about 62 miles of road.

Upon approaching the billboards, drivers tuned to 100.5 FM, 91.6 FM or 95.8 FM will find their music interrupted by a museum audio guide—whose crystal-clear sound is reinforced by an FM jammer powered by solar panels. Each story lasts about 30 seconds.

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Read more of Angela Natividad's Louvre Abu Dhabi story. Natividad is a frequent contributor to the AdFreak creativity blog.

DISCLAIMER: Commerce Color was not involved in this outdoor project. We just love creative outdoor advertising projects and enjoy sharing them with our friends and clients.